The Original PWAH being modelled by a woman

We are often asked what the pillow looks like in action and while this is a perfectly reasonable request for the Original P.W.A.H, it is especially true for the Original Leg Pillow with a Hole.

What does the strap do? Where does the pillow sit on the leg? Should I strap it to my top or bottom leg? Is it comfortable? Does it WORK?

Well, unfortunately, these are all questions that the photos can’t completely answer because there is no one right or wrong way of using our pillows. Sleeping is a very personal experience and everyone’s anatomies are different. This means that everyone’s usage will be different.

Yet from looking at a photograph it is often difficult for someone to envisage what the pillow is going to look like in use, how big it is, how does it look in a bedroom, that kind of thing. And so we decided to have some professional model photography done.

Amber and her husband were fantastic and really committed to what must have been a surprising couple of products turning up. A pillow with a hole is completely understandable when you’ve been recommended it by your doctor, sought it out and then purchased it. You know what you’re getting and why you’re getting it. So when it arrives without context beyond a note saying “please photograph me”, I can imagine there’s perhaps a small amount of puzzlement. Nonetheless they did a fantastic job and I commend them on their quality photography skills and beautiful home.

Thanks, guys!



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