The Original Pillowcase with a Hole™ V2


This pillowcase is designed to fit the Original P.W.A.H V2.

Made from unbelievably soft TENCEL™ fabric. This is an advanced and ecologically sound material. Lyocell and modal fibers are made from, would you believe it, wood! This fabric is absolutely outstanding. As soft as silk and literally made from one of the most abundant and renewable resources on the planet. We love it.

This pillowcase zips around the outside and completely encapsulates the pillow.

As ever, it is proudly made in England.

A discount is available on purchases of more than one pillowcase.


How to fit your Original Pillowcase with a Hole™ V2

Your Original P.W.A.H®V2 will come with a case already fitted, so you can immediately get a sense of how it works. However, here are some instructions to help after you wash it.

The zipper is handily located underneath our label for quick reference. Put one side of the pillowcase underneath the pillow, tuck the other side through the hole and spread it out. Then reach for the zipper and zip it all the way around.

Please note that one side of the pillow is slightly thicker than the other, so the thin side of the pillow must align with the thin side of the pillowcase, or the case won’t fit properly.


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