The Waterproof P.W.A.H™


This has all the same ear protecting benefits and build quality that you’re used to with an Original P.W.A.H®, but it is waterproof.

The fabric of the pillow is made from soft and flexible polyurethane coated cotton.

If you find that your P.W.A.H is constantly in the wash due to creams, ointments or other substances, this waterproof and wipe-clean version will be for you.

It is available as either The Original P.W.A.H or The P.W.A.H V2.

Both pillows come with their respective pillowcases included.


What’s included?

Each version of The Waterproof P.W.A.H comes with a pillowcase included.

Firmness and filling:

Our coil fibre is softer than memory foam and completely odourless. This is a premium filling made of small coils of fibre that allow air to pass through, producing loft and comfort. This makes for a plump pillow with a medium to firm feel.

It is similar in density and cost to feather down, yet it is also hypoallergenic, so is great for people with allergies

We are also pleased to offer British wool as an environmentally friendly alternative.

The firmness of the Original P.W.A.H® can be easily adjusted using our integrated super high-quality “YKK” brand zip.


We are happy to tell you that all of our plastic packaging is recyclable and our informational insert is made from recycled cardboard.

Where is it made?

As with all of our products, this is made in Liverpool, England, in the style of a true cottage industry.


Additional information

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The Original P.W.A.H®, The P.W.A.H V2™

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