Care instructions for The Original Pillow with a Hole™

How to use your pillow:

The Original P.W.A.H™ is versatile. It can be used standalone or on top of your regular pillow. 

For best results we recommend using it on top of a slim pillow.

How to clean your pillow:

Our pillows can be machine washed and dried.

Ideally the pillow should be washed at 30°C (86°F).

When tumble drying it can be useful to put a tennis ball in with the pillow. This helps to break apart any clumps.

The pillow should be nice and plump after this.

If your pillow is filled with British Wool then it is best to remove the wool before washing so that it doesn’t felt.

How to clean your pillowcase:

Any shrinkage can affect the fit of the pillowcase, so it should be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees.

It should then be left to air dry.


Our pillows are filled with ‘Coil-Fibre’. This is a synthetic material made of tiny strands of coiled polyester that allow air to pass through, trapping it within the fibres to produce loft. This creates a plump pillow with a medium to firm feel.

It is similar in density and cost to feather, but is hypoallergenic, so is great for people with allergies.

We also supply British Wool as an alternative. For more information, please take a look at this blog post


The Original P.W.A.H®’s firmness can be easily adjusted. It has an integrated zip which allows you to add or remove stuffing to suit your tastes. More stuffing makes for a firmer pillow and less stuffing makes for a softer pillow.

Here’s the best way to adjust the firmness of your pillow:

Our filling is easy to use. It has the appearance of many tightly coiled “balls” of fibre and these individual balls are easily separated should you experience any flattening or clumping of your pillow.

Therefore this technique is good practice just as a matter of course in order to keep your pillow in an “as new” state.

  1. Begin by unzipping the pillow carefully so that you do not catch any stuffing between the teeth of the zip. Now remove all of the stuffing (have a plastic bag handy).
  2. Break apart the stuffing in the bag, so it is consistent in appearance.
  3. Re-stuff with a little less stuffing, gauging the firmness as you go. This will take a little trial and error but once you have the perfect amount, you can discard the rest, or keep it as extra should your taste change.
  4. Give the pillow a vigorous pat down on a hard surface so that the stuffing distributes evenly. 

Washing and drying the pillow can also have this affect, although there’s an element of randomness introduced when it goes through the machine, so you may need do this process afterwards to ensure an even distribution of the stuffing.