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The Original P.W.A.H® V2


We are proud to introduce the latest iteration of the Original Pillow With A Hole – the Original P.W.A.H®  V.2.

This pillow has a number of notable differences from the Original P.W.A.H®. Some users may prefer the original pillow while others may prefer this version. Take a good look and see what suits you.

First, The Original P.W.A.H V2 is slightly larger, measuring 55cm x 37cm with a depth of approximately 10cm.

The sides of the base pillow are constructed in a box-like or “hotel” style. This allows for a greater volume of stuffing inside and gives the pillow added thickness and loft.

Speaking of which; the thickness and loft can still be very easily adjusted using the high quality “YKK” brand zip along the side.

The pillow is, as ever, filled with our proprietary “coil fibre” stuffing.

Probably the most radical change of all is the revolutionary Patent Pending pillowcase design. This pillowcase is zippered around the outside and therefore it completely encapsulates the pillow, including the hole itself. Yet you’re protected from the zip by a decorative flap.

Like all of our pillows, The Original P.W.A.H® V.2 comes with a pillowcase included in the price. 

Scroll down for yet more information about this wonderful new pillow.

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The Original Pillow With a Hole range of pillows were born from personal experience and work by relieving pressure on the ear. After many years of suffering nightly pain and discomfort, we created a solution, and what an effective solution it turned out to be! We truly hope you get as much relief from them as we have. This pillow has many uses. The following are some suggestions, although it is by no means an exhaustive list.

The Original P.W.A.H® is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Tinnitus relief (if your tinnitus is affected by pressure).
  • Ear pressure sore relief.
  • Facilitating post-surgery healing.
  • Sleeping with troublesome ear piercings.
  • Sleeping with earplugs or earphones.
  • Sleeping with hearing aids.

Please take a look at the video in the product gallery for information on our special proprietary “coil fibre” stuffing. It is odourless and similar in density to feather, whilst also being hypoallergenic.

All of our pillows are proudly made in England.


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Dimensions 55 × 37 × 10 cm
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