Origins of the PWAH

How the Original Pillow with a Hole began.

This all began long ago when my very clever and talented mother, Judy, was lucky enough to be on a trip to the Sahara Desert. 

In the evenings she and the other guests would sleep in tents under a canopy of stars. A beautiful and wonderous thing, no doubt, but she’d been a life-long sufferer of ear pain and to her horror, instead of pillows to sleep on, she was given sandbags!

In her words: “I’d never been able to get a peaceful night’s sleep on a normal pillow so the thought of sleeping on a hard sandbag filled me with dread. However, I soon found that by poking a hole into the sandbag and creating a little pocket of air for my ear, I would not only be comfortable but I would be more comfortable than I’d ever been before.”

This got her thinking about she couldn’t wait to get home to work on some designs.

After returning home and with that experience in mind, she began to design and make prototypes of what became The Original P.W.A.H®.

Some designs were more successful than others, of course, but on her first night of trying out one of her prototypes she was struck by the fact that she had slept on her side throughout the whole night and did not once wake in pain or discomfort. The following night she prototyped another pillow, and it was even better!

At first, I have to admit that I thought the concept was crazy! A pillow with a hole in it! What a silly notion. Yet, there was always the inkling that perhaps other people would benefit from these pillows, being as effective as they are, and so we set up business together and have been in business ever since.


Where The Original P.W.A.H® is made.

The Original P.W.A.H® is made in Liverpool, England. First sewn only by Judy, due to their overwhelming popularity they are now sewn by local seamstresses in what is a true cottage industry, supporting many local people. All pillows are stuffed, packaged and inspected by myself and my right-hand man, Rhys. If you have a problem with your pillow, contact me any time and I will make it right. After all – the fault will be mine so it’s only right that I fix it!

Below are our rather bohemian headquarters in Liverpool. It is known as Flux Studios. 

P.W.A.H. HQ building Flux Studios

Below is a little insight into how your Original Pillow with a Hole came about. 

The Original Pillow With A Hole begins, as all such things do, as a single piece of fabric. Here you can see Judy holding up an *almost* completed yet completely empty pillow. We’d love to show you how we got from there to here but can’t due to the United Kingdom’s Official Secrets Act of 1989.

It has been a good few years since Judy has made a pillow herself, but she still loves to prototype new designs and play around with the fabric. See how joyous she is here peeping through the hole of one of her earliest designs!

This photo, from 2013, is truly one for the archives. She has grey hair now but don’t tell her I told you. 


Here are some more photos from the archives. 

There’s Judy’s hand diligently finishing the pillow off ready for our Expert Pillow Stuffer, Rob, to begin his work. Rob has been working with us since the beginning and has become one with the stuffing. 

I don’t know how he does it but he manages to find that perfect balance between support and comfort in every pillow.

As an side; he has been instructed to put plenty of stuffing in your pillow so that you have plenty to play around with when using our integrated “YKK” brand zip. 

The Original Pillow With A Hole is then stuffed with top quality hypoallergenic coil-fibre or British wool. 

Coil-fibre is synthetic fibre that is similar in density to down. We prefer this to memory foam as it provides a softer and more comfortable sleep. It also doesn’t “off-gas” as memory foam is known to do.

It is also much cooler, which is an important part of CNH management.

Furthermore it is also suitable for those suffering from allergies.

Our British wool is of course from an ethical source.

Rhys stuffing the original PWAH
Pillow stuffed




Rob’s thoughtful stuffing ensures a uniform spread throughout the pillow ensuring there is no clumping or lumpy bits.

Hand stuffing ensures that The Original P.W.A.H® is fully stuffed in all four corners because there’s nothing worse than saggy corners.

Well done that man!

Once stuffed it is then zipped up and rigorously inspected by myself.

After that, it goes into our recyclable plastic packaging and off it goes to you, dear reader. 


Off they go! Proudly made in England and dispatched to the entire world!

Stagecoach 1

Thanks for reading!

Tim Leigh

Managing Director

The Pillow With A Hole Ltd