Welcome, piercers!

Provide the best aftercare and gain an extra income stream with The Original Pillow with a Hole™ 

Affiliate Programme. 

Gain a healthy commission on every pillow sold through your affiliate link, carry physical stock in your studio, or both. 

How you represent us is up to you. 

Offer the best aftercare in the world and start earning today. 

Why The Original PWAH®?

“Your Ear’s Best Friend®”

The Original Pillow with a Hole™ allows piercings to heal quickly and safely, and facilitates long term use through better sleep. 

They are used by people all over the world. In fact there are very few countries that we haven’t sent a pillow to!

By offering your clients our pillows, you will be: 

Giving the very best aftercare. 

Protecting your excellent work and encouraging repeat business. 

Gaining an extra income stream. 

a close up of an early with ear piercings through a doughnut pillow with a hole
Close up of the pillow's zipper, open and showing the stuffing inside


 With a fully adjustable firmness and a variety of designs, there is a PWAH® for everyone. 

Our Hypoallergenic Coil Fibre and British Wool stufffings are both made in Yorkshire.

Made in England, Dispatched to the world, loved by all. 

All of our pillows are made entirely in England, with our workshop being near The Albert Dock in Liverpool. 

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