Every so often we get a letter or an email from a customer.
Here’s a selection of some of our favourites.

Thank you everybody for your kind feedback. It is wonderful to know that our pillows are helping.

Dear anyone who may be reading this:

I was diagnosed last year with CNH. My Dr. advised a pillow that had a hole. I went to my computer to find one. The sore on my ear demanded a pillow in a hurry. I ordered an inexpensive pillow that I saw on Amazon in the US. Pillow was awful and my ear was not improving. Searched again and found the “Pillow With A Hole” company. Ordered one and a pillowcase. It is very comfortable and my CNH was cured and has never returned! I sleep very soundly with it and I don’t need an extra pillow under it. Went on vacation and really missed it. Now I bring it everywhere. Just ordered a second so I can wash the first and not be without it even for a minute. My CNH which was painful and ugly has not returned. My PWAH was inexpensive when you consider the doctors bill and the pain and the chance that I would need surgery.

I heartily recommend this pillow for anyone with CNH!!

Carole. H.

Hi Tim,

It is now two weeks of using the pwah and my pressure sore is almost healed, wish my doctor had known and told me about this pillow, it would have saved me from two nasty procedures to try to resolve my problem. I first thought that £40 was a little excessive for a pillow but it is much more than that – it is a cure. Thank you so much, my general health is much improved as I now get a good night’s peaceful sleep.



Julie. S.

I wanted to write in regard to my recent purchase of the pillow with a hole. It is the best purchase I have ever made, I am pleased with the product itself but also the packaging and delivery considering it is made in the UK and I live in Iowa in the United States.

I am a 72 year old  lady who has suffered with myriad ear problems. since age 11, including excema, after which I developed lumps on my outer ears which the doctor froze several times and eventually took a sample of. It turned out to be a long word I could not pronounce but started with an A. I have gone to a specialist for a couple of with not much better results including shots in my outer ear lobe. She said it was because I slept on that side all the time. At times it would break open and bleed and my only recourse was plastic surgery. In passing she said maybe I should get an ear pillow, which I had never heard of.

To make this long story short, your pillow has changed my life. Not only is my ear better but it has also helped my neck problems, not to mention sleep problems. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jeanie. W.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Recently ordered your pillow for my 93 year old mom who has had CNH for months.  She couldn’t sleep on that ear and the ear just kept getting more inflamed.  We saw ENTs who removed some of the ear, her family doctor who gave her antibiotics, anti inflammatory medicine and heavy duty creams.  Nothing worked until we got your pillow and believe me, we were at our wits’ end. Yes, the price was a little steep for us, but it was well worth it because it did the trick. I was very impressed with the quality of the pillow and especially that it had a zipper sewn in. Thank you so much for designing and manufacturing this.  She now sleeps peacefully.  Your pillow was the answer to our prayers.

M. Hofmann.

I just had to write you because I absolutely love your Pillow with a Hole. The sore spots on my ears are healing and my shoulder and neck pains are going away! I know this isn’t intended to be a therapeutic pillow for neck and should pain, but the pillow is so supportive and on both sides and my back, that I sleep better than ever and wake up feeling rested without any pain or discomfort.

Thank you for making this thoughtful product with quality and care. I appreciate it so much!

All the vest with your endeavor!

Shannon. K.

I just got my pillow today. I’m so excited to use it. My hubby snores and I wear ear plugs. I tried it out with them in and no pain. I think you saved our marriage.

Amber. E.

I would like to thank you so much for your comfortable pillow which has made such a difference to my sleep pattern.

Congratulations to Judy and all at your company for helping everyone to get a good night’s sleep.

Yours sincerely

Rayna. P.

Thank you for your amazing pillow, have tried all sorts of diy padding for my CNH (was actually a burn from using heating pad for neck).

Had my first good nights sleep for months last night.

Brilliant invention.


Judi. H.


Mum has been suffering with pain on the outer rim of her ear while sleeping for such a long time we never thought we would find a cure! After just one night sleeping on this very comfortable pillow, it has solved the problem completely! She is now recommending it to everyone and her neighbor has purchased one for herself. She is really happy and would like to say a BIG Thank you.

Jane. S.

Hi Judith.

Your pillow has worked miracles! My mom has been sleeping on her “pillow-with-a-hole” for a few weeks and her ear that has had an open sore for over one year is almost completely healed. Thank you so much!


P.S. The pillow and pillow case are beautifully sewn from lovely soft fabric ( very comfy).


I just wanted to let you know that your pillow has worked wonders. My ear has completely healed and it took no time to get used to using the pillow. I have had this problem for about 2 years and I can finally say that I am 100% healed. I have gotten so used to the pillow that now I feel strange when I don’t use it. Thanks again and I am so happy that I made the purchase.

Nancy, Jupiter, Florida.


I bought a pillow with a hole (and pillow case) from you in December 2015 and it has made such a difference to my life I’d like to buy another. 🙂


I just wanted to let you know that the pillow did finally arrive. Hurrah!! Mom used it last night and LOVES it! She has been searching for a long time for the “right pillow with a hole” and I think she has finally found it. Thank you!!!!

Clarice. D.

Received pillow and last night had the first pain free sleep in months and months. Thank you so much.

Doreen E.

Thank you!!! I received the pillow and I am so pleased. I am able to sleep the whole night through …. and it is so comfortable .. thanks again.


Hi Timothy.

Just to let you know the pillow has arrived and I am very pleased with it. I just wish I had heard of this months ago when my ear first started hurting. Thank you for making my nights less painful.

Catherine K.

Hi there!

I’ve been using your pillow for 10 months now and I couldn’t live without it! The pressure sore on my ear has completely healed but I am not tempted to go back to a standard pillow as I find the PWAH so comfortable for sleeping. Thanks for a wonderful, and beautifully made product.

Christine. H, Melbourne, Australia.


Just a quick note to say thank you for making these. My mom has been suffering with CNH for months and now it has completely healed. We’re so grateful to you for this!

Emily. H.

Hi Judy

Just to let you know I’m really happy with the pillow. As I told you, I bought one from France made by a big company and yours is 10x better! The design is the perfect shape and very comfortable. I will get a much better night’s sleep now.
David L.

Hi Judy,

I purchased the pillow with a hole and a pillow case last December and I just wanted to let you know what a brilliant pillow it is. I was able to lay and sleep on my left side for the first time in months. I have just returned from the dermatology clinic for more treatment on my ear, and told my Dr. how good the pillow is. He would like your company information to pass on to other patients if that is OK with you.

Regards, a very pleased customer,

Chris. J.

Hello again Judy,

I hope that you and yours are having a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

I’ve just gotten off the phone with my Mum who is absolutely raving about how wonderful the pillow is. She tells me that the pressure sore is actually healing, and that she can now lay down with some relief from that awful pain. She had even begun to get a pressure sore on the other ear but that has already disappeared in just a few nights. To us that pillow is worth its weight in gold and I can’t tell you how glad we are to have found you.

Happy Christmas to you!

With my warmest regards,

Tracy N.

I have a condition called Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis which is a very long name for a small but painful condition on my left ear. As I sleep on my left side all the time my ear became very sore and painful with an exterior sore that just would not heal.

I am receiving treatment from the hospital but it can take many many months to improve and in some cases it fails to heal completely. I was lucky to find the “pillow with a hole” and wow what a difference.

As Soon as I tried the P.W.A.H I had the best sleep for many many months – I can now lie on my left side and there is no pressure on my ear and it is beginning to heal after 10 months of problems. The quality and make of this pillow is of a very high stand and my consultant at the hospital is also very impressed with the difference it has made to my ear. I cannot recommend this product enough it is brilliant and really helps folks that have sore ears.

Ann. R.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you so much for making and shipping the Pillow with a Hole that I recently ordered so quickly.

This has made a huge difference to my husband, who regularly suffers with ear problems and we have struggled for a long time with large amounts of different medicines which have not helped, we began to think there was something more seriously wrong and after months of test, scans and worrying he has finally been given the all clear for anything neurological. He was still feeling uncomfortable and waking up every day feeling groggy but since receiving this pillow my husband is getting back to his normal self and is finally waking up pain free and happy again.

Its been a horrible year so far and the impact this has had on my husband is incredible.

Lauren. C.

I purchased my pillow a couple of weeks ago and the results have been incredible! Having suffered from chrondodermatitis for several years and undergone two very unpleasant surgical procedures, I was still left with the problem! After just a couple of weeks my ear is almost completely healed and I am able to sleep completely pain free!!

When I attend for my follow up visit to the hospital, I will be telling them all about my pillow and the amazing results!!!

Thank you so much and very best regards,


Brenda. C.

Thank you so much for my new pillow with a hole. It arrived so quickly, and is very comfortable. I will definitely recommend my sister should buy one, also. She has a similar problem with her ears.
With kind regards,
Jan. M.

As I said before, I couldn’t believe there were other people with this problem. I honestly thought it may be cancer on my ear it was in such a state, but since having the pillow the redness and scabs around the top of my ear have completely cleared up.


Hi Judy.

We are so pleased with the pillow. Our daughter’s ear is so improved the consultant has discharged her.

Thank you.

Best wishes, Susan.


Mum has been suffering with pain on the outer rim of her ear while sleeping for such a long time we never thought we would find a cure! After just one night sleeping on this very comfortable pillow, it has solved the problem completely! She is now recommending it to everyone and her neighbor has purchased one for herself. She is really happy and would like to say a BIG Thank you.

Jane. S.


I have auricular chondritis and pressure on the ear gives me a lesion. I have only had the pillow for three days and already the lesion is clearing up. It really is a little miracle.

Karen. M.


Just to let you know that I think that your pillow is absolute genius! Bought myself one with Christmas money and it has changed everything! I had pressure sores on both ears and they have healed completely and I no longer wake up in pain! My sister has the same issue and is going to get herself one. Thank-you!

Julia. D.

What an amazing product you have. Best sleep I have gotten in months ! I have inflamed cartilage on my left ear and it is very sensitive to pressure.

Now I am sorry I did not order the pillow case. What is the cost (in US dollars) for the pillow case + shipping ?

Barbara. T.

I have suffered from ear pain at night for over 40 years, since buying your pillow with a hole in it I am at last enjoying a good pain free nights sleep. I would recommend your pillow to anyone who suffers like I used to do. Please feel free to use this in your testimonials if you wish

Ian Corps.

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the pillow. I had the best nights sleep when it arrived!

I’m pregnant and so I now have to sleep on my side, which gave me terrible ear ache. Your pillow has stopped the earache completely! Anyway, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your perfect solution to my painful problem.

Nicola. M.

I purchased one of your pillows and case earlier in the year and I absolutely LOVE it! I was able to cancel surgery on my ear because of your pillow! Your pillow was a Godsend for me and I’ll never be without it

G. Stewart.

Dear Timothy,

I think you have a brilliant product, ordered two earlier this year for my wife who has Alzheimer’s and spends a lot of time in bed and as a consequence developed pressure sores on her ear. Within 10 days of using the pillow with a hole her ear cleared up and we have had no problems since.


Peter. R.

Hello there

Just thought I’d drop you a line to say the pillow was great success. I’d had trouble with my ear healing properly after surgery and using your pillow to get the pressure off it while sleeping did the job nicely.

Thanks again.

A. Stack

I had a sore on the top of my ear for three years, told to use Hydrocortisone cream by GP with little effect, have been using one of your pillows for about six weeks now and the sore has healed beautifully. Thank you. It’s a simple but marvellous invention!

Shirley. R

Dear Tim,

My second pillow in a month. Wanted a second one because I absolutely love my pillow. Thank you so much.

Emily. M

Just a note to say that your pillow has made such a difference to my husband.

The pressure sore on his ear has virtually gone and he is sleeping a lot better.

Thank you.

Jill. M.

Hi Tim and Judy

I just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic product.

My brother in law Gerard is living with Motor Neurone Disease and is confined to bed. As a result of the limited power in his neck muscles he has had difficulty in keeping his head straight. He has tried various foam wedges but all of them move and end up with his head tilting to the side.

While researching on the internet for a more permanent solution I came across your pillow and thought it was worth a go.

We tried it tonight and he’s delighted, it gives him the comfort of a pillow while giving his head stability.

He asked me to send you a note to let you know how great it is.

All the best and thanks again.

Chris. S.

I just wanted to thank all of you for making my wonderful little pillow! I have slept on it for two nights now. I have not been able to sleep on my right ear for several years and being elderly and a 100 Lb. lady, my left side has gotten very sore from not being able to turn over onto my right but thanks to all of you I can now turn over!

I am so very grateful and thankful I found your website.

Carolyn. B.

Hello Tim,

Thank you very much for my pillow with the hole which arrived yesterday. I was diagnosed with CNH several years ago. I’ve fallen in love with the pillow and my ear is so much more comfortable. I recommend the pillow to any one with CNH. I now look forward to my ear gradually getting better.


Eileen. L.

Upon our return home I found the pillow in the post office. I have started to use it and I definitely think it will work for my CNH. I especially like the adjusting factor because I needed the pillow to be softer. Easy enough, just took some of the stuffing out. Next time I visit my dermatologist I will inform her about your product.

Ira. D.

My eagerly awaited ‘PWAH’ has arrived and I am very pleased with it. Some thought must have gone into the exact design. Thank you to you and your team.

Kind regards,

Jennifer. P.

I just had to write and tell you how wonderful your PWAH is. I have suffered with bilateral CNH for years, and thought I came up with several solutions for my problem. The hole in other pillows were always too small, and the hole not deep enough. Your product is the perfect solution!

Susan. L.

Quick testimonial. I have battled chondrodermatitis on my left ear. I ordered one of your pillows and within a week, the sore was gone. I could hardly believe it since I had tried every medicine and technique to rid my ear of this painful sore! Thank you for this amazing pillow. It has changed my life. I will never be without my pillow!

Blessings to you!

Chris. M. In the USA.

Hi Tim,

I know it’s the weekend and don’t know if you read your emails, but I felt the need to contact you! Last night I had my first pain – free sleep since before being diagnosed with CNH. My symptoms started about 3 days after coming home from hospital after a total left hip replacement. It got to the point where even the pain meds I was on for the replacement didn’t touch the pain on my right ear. I couldn’t sleep on my left side, due to surgery, I couldn’t sleep on my right side due to my ear. I was seriously considering trying to sleep like a bat. At 70, that was definitely not a viable option. So I finally went to my dermatologist and he diagnosed me with CNH. I did lots of research on pillows to ease my ear, and after reading all the reviews, y’all came out on top. I am so glad I went with you. As I said, first good night’s sleep in months! Thank you so much!

As for tracking, it wasn’t necessary as it came so quickly I didn’t have a chance to check on it.

I will be recommending your product to my dermatology office so they can give out your info. The only info he had was for a very flimsy pillow made here in the States. And the cost was almost the same! I learned a long time ago, buy good, get good!

Thank you again for your amazing and so comfy pillow and pillowcase!

Best regards and hugs.

Dale. C.

Dear Timothy,

I received my pillow yesterday. I didn’t have a thin pillow to put underneath the pillow so just slept on it. No problem at all. I enjoyed a good night’s sleep. I checked it when I put my head down to be sure there was enough space for my ear and there is plenty of room. I really like it and am looking forward to the healing of my ear.

Thank you and mostly your mum for the great product. It and the case are very well made. I really appreciate all the work that went into making such a fine product.

Warmest regards

Marje. H.

Dear Mr. Leigh,

I ordered a pillow from your company sometime in January. It arrived last week–much sooner than I had anticipated. I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE it. Within three days of using it, my poor little ear has recovered from being slept on for a very long time. (I’m 78 years old, so you can imagine that my ear has had a lot of wear and tear .)

Anyway, thank you so much for a wonderful product and fast and friendly service.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Jane. F.

Dear Tim

I had been diagnosed with CNH and after reading about your pillow decided to order one.

It was the best decision I could have made. My GP prescribed steroid ointment but it did not stop the pain. The first night I used the pillow I woke up in the morning pain free and have had no pain since.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you make this pillow. I was in constant pain from the CNH

and it has now completely cleared up.

Thank you so much.

Tina. C.

Hi Tim,

Thank you. I’ve been using the pillow for nearly three weeks and I can honestly say that the pain and soreness of CNH that I’ve experienced for the last couple of years is now a distant memory.

What a fantastic result!

I was so impressed that I ordered a second pillow.

Thanks again,

Jeanie. H.

I recently purchased one pillow & I I have to say it is the best investment ever. My ear is getting better by the day. I am so glad my dermatologist told me about them, so thank you very much.

Christine. D.

Dear Tim

For years I suffered with a pressure sore on my right ear. I tried to sleep on the other side but would roll over as soon as I was asleep. The sore bled onto my pillow every night and was most unpleasant.

A friend spotted The Pillow With A Hole and I ordered it immediately. As soon as I started using it the sore healed and the bleeding stopped, and I had my first comfortable night’s sleep for years. Thank you for this wonderful product. The new design is great and the relief still enormous.



Jeanrose. B.

I recently received my new pillow and I LOVE it. Thank for for this great product!

I have had no problems adjusting to the new pillow. From the first night I slept on it, I have been able to wake up without ear pain. It has taken all of the pressure off my ear and the results are amazing.

In one of the reviews I read, someone mentioned getting a silk pillow case for the pillow. Is it possible to purchase one from your company?

Thank you again.

Charlotte. S.

Amazingly simple, and Simply Amazing. Thank you.

Mike. F.

Hey there, PWAH Team! 😉

What a blessing that you exist!

I tend to sleep on the same side every night, and in the last year I’ve noticed pain in my right ear when I awaken. Seems that my ear ends up slightly mashed or folded…and looks red in the morning.

I did a little online research, and lo and behold! 😉 There you are.

Thank you for allowing pain-free mornings for me!

Wonderful that your passion and tenacity to create this company and this lovely product have reached so far around the world!

With gratitude,

Eve in Huntington Beach CA

Hi Tim and Judy

Just to say a big thank you for my pillow! I ordered the pillow on Monday 4th after being diagnosed with CNH, it arrived on Thursday and that night was my first pain free night for months!

So I have gone from thinking I had skin cancer to almost cured in a matter of days. I was supposed to be having an operation tomorrow but have cancelled as there is nothing to remove. People cannot believe a pillow has cured it!

I must say I was sceptical at first but thought it was worth a try and I am so pleased I did.

Thank you so much.

Allison. O.

I had a stroke in 2018 which forced me to sleep on my right side. In May 2020 I developed a severe pain in my right ear, which made sleeping most uncomfortable. I am lucky enough to have a dermatologist, as a neighbour, who diagnosed “Chondrodermatitis Helical Nodularis” and suggested to my surprise that I should use a ‘Pillow with a Hole’.

I am delighted to say that having ordered a pillow and case, it arrived in a couple of days and went into immediate use. I was very pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable it was. Enjoying my first proper night’s sleep in weeks.

It has been in use for two weeks and my ear is recovering. The pillow is so comfortable I have decided to continue using it after my ear is fully healed. It is very well made and I use without a second pillow.

“One day I hope and expect all pillows will be made this way”.

Martin. B.

Received your very comfortable pillow!

Reasonable delivery time, well-packed.

Have used it nightly and the pressure sore on my ear has gone!

Now I’m able to sleep on both right and left sides, hope the sore won’t return …if it does my “pillow with a hole” will be at the ready.

Thank you, terrific product.


Elisabeth. T.

Hi Tim,

I hope this finds its way to your review or testimonial page, as I certainly believe your pillow with a hole in it to be fantastic.

My mum is as the end stage of her life and has always slept on her right side so when she became ill quickly started to show signs of a pressure sore, being practical we tried various padding around her ear and had asked for some professional help to resolve it.

Luckily I heard about pillow with a hole from a friend and ordered it ,it came quickly and we were able to prevent mum’s ear getting worse.

She would be in so much more pain if we had not had this, brilliant idea I just wish more professionals knew about it so could suggest people purchase one earlier.

Harriet. T


Last week I took delivery of my ‘Original P.W.A.H’. I don’t often write reviews – positive or negative – but had to get in touch to let you know that I’ve had the best sleeps I can remember since using your product. My night-time ear pain was longstanding but I had simply imagined that I was ‘unlucky’ and that this was something I just had to ‘live with’.

Having stumbled across your product while viewing something else, I thought I’d give it a try but had very low expectations. I tried the pillow ‘as was’ to begin with but quickly realised I needed something softer; your comprehensive instructions then led me to remove a good couple of handfuls of the filling before redistributing the remainder, after which it was perfect.

The quality of the pillow really shows – it’s beautifully made, and the only thing I’d like to see that’s not there already (I could be wrong!) are a range of different coloured pillowcases? Given that my bedding (and bedroom in general) is full of very dark, deep, rich colours (Arts & Crafts era bottle green/navy blue/deep crimson, etc.) I feel I have to ‘hide’ my pillow away to stop it sticking out (and looking quite ‘clinical’). This very minor point aside, the product itself gets a 100% rating from me and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to others.


Lisa. F.

I just received the pillow I ordered through Amazon. The card inside says “anything to say, whether good or bad” get in touch,, so here’s my say!

For at least 7 or 8 years I’ve searched for a solution to my ear issue. After a biopsy on the outside of my ear (which was not malignant!), it wouldn’t heal for some time. Then, sleeping with the pressure of laying on a pillow, it flares up.

After trying many pillows and devices,, I finally bought foam and made a donut to fit the side of my face with an ear hole. I had to put a cloth over it (or the foam irritated my skin) and poke it through the hole to allow space for my ear. Needless to say, it’s not comfortable and a hassle to keep the cloth on. Periodically I have to make a new one as the foam flattens.

I saw P.W.A.H. online & thought “I wonder if that would work.” So I ordered one.

I’ve used it two nights & I have to tell you, it’s a miracle!! The pillow itself is very comfortable. The hole is positioned perfectly (not in the dead center like others i tried). Every time I move, I don’t have to replace the cloth & reposition my foam donut. P.W.A.H. fits my ear perfectly and I don’t wake with my ear hurting.

I just wish I would have had P.W.A.H. 7 OR 8 years ago.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Charlene. P.

What says it best:

Much ado about nothing or Nothing’s Perfect?

Never been so please about “nothing”. The void in your pillow is perfect.

Ordered expedited shipping. Received pillow within a week. Product is well made. Even came with a custom pillow case which wasn’t apparent when we ordered. We didn’t remove any of the filling and my wife found it to be perfect as shipped.

My wife hadn’t slept well for months. She had been to two doctors to address the ear pain. Her dermatologist even removed a small callus that had formed and did a biopsy but nothing helped. She tried but couldn’t keep her pillow in a position to provide relief for more and 30 minutes.

One night sleeping on your pillow and her ear pain was gone. Almost immediately. It’s been a week now and she sleeps like a baby I’ve even felt like I needed to reach over and check her occasionally during the night since she is sleeping so deeply. No tossing and turning so I’m sleeping better too. You may use this as you wish.

As I began, Nothing, i.e. the void, had ever been so good.

Thanks. Jerry

Jerry. H.

This is a wonderful pillow! I suffer from severe tinnitus, which is especially awful during the night. I’ve gotten to the point were I need to wear hearing aid type devices during my sleeping hours only to listen to very specific masking sounds directly in my ears in order to get through the night.

That is impossible to do with regular pillows. While the Pillow With A Hole was too high and two firm right out of the box, it is very easy to remove enough of the filler to make it fit my needs and be comfortable.

It is very well made with high quality materials. I cannot begin to describe how many earbuds, speaker headbands, pillows with built in speakers, external speakers, etc. I have tried without any success. It looks like the Pillow With A Hole may be my permanent solution. I had several questions before purchasing, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the responsiveness from this seller.

Tim responded quickly and went above and beyond what was expected. I would recommend him and this product without any reservations.


Linda. B.

Dear Tim.

I just wanted to thank you personally, although you been in touch with my daughter in law Francesca regarding the pillow with a hole.

It’s amazing. I’ve suffered with the ear for quite a while and the last operation was very painful. The consultant recommended your product and to look on Amazon for it. So Francesca, who’s always looking for ways to make my life easier, got in touch with your company. And when it arrived and I tried it straight away, it was amazing. A full night’s sleep, I couldn’t believe it! 

I’ve tried other pillows even feather pillows don’t help, so the bit of candy floss we’d taken out off the pillow, we put in a pillow case and I sit my hip on it.

So my lovely daughter in law said we can buy another pillow and you will get a better sleep with your hips. But you kindly sent me a package of candy floss and as a present for my 80th birthday a sateen pillow case. Oh my it’s so soft that pillow case has made a pillow with a hole into the softest pillow. I can’t begin to tell you how your pillow as changed my life.

And the other pillow that I lie or sit on has also made a big difference to my spine and hips due osteoporosis and severe osteoarthritis which developed after an accident to my spine.

So you can understand how much I appreciate your kindness, and your sateen pillow, is a true winner.

Yours with the kindest regards.

Sheila. C.

Thank you. 

I love my pillow and my ear is almost healed. 

My doctor told me the sore I had was skin cancer and as you can imagine she is no longer my doctor. 

Thank you for inventing this pillow. 

Best regards


Lyn. B.

Hi Tim,

I just LOVE the new PWAH V2 pillow! 

The TENCEL fabric is so soft and smooth. Much different than the case on the PWAH V1. 

I hope you will consider making TENCEL pillowcases for the PWAH V1 in the near future.

I took a few days to respond to you because I was adjusting the firmness.  I took a little too much stuffing out at first, so now I am adding a little bit at a time. 

Thanks for making such a great product!!

Catherine. J.

Hi Tim,

I have been sleeping on my new Version 2 for a week and it certainly is more supportive of my neck.

I washed all the bedding today and had to watch the video again to get the case back on.


Thank you for a great product,



We have been customers of PWAH for 8 or 9 years, and your pillow(s) absolutely solved my husband’s  severe ear sores. His ENT doctor recommended PWAH, and buying from PWAH was easy & expedient. And the Version -1 pillow was exactly what we needed to clear up his ear sores!

About a year later, we purchased the travel pillow (w/pillow case & travel bag); the PWAH travel pillow easily packs in a suitcase and always is with us when we travel. It was a very necessary ‘accessory’ that went with us on our recent two week cruise!

We are convinced that if you need a pillow with a hole, you cannot go wrong by purchasing from PWAH! They are delightful and honest people to deal with.

Michael & Sue. T.


Recently I was diagnosed with CNH and my doctor recommended I learn to sleep on my back. When this proved impossible for me, I went looking for other solutions.

I tried a pillow with a hole from a few different companies but ended up returning them to the store. There was something deficient in all of them.  They were either too big, the hole was in the wrong place, the stuffing moved around too much and had to constantly be adjusted, or other issues.

I then decide to purchase the original pillow with a hole which I had avoided because I live in the United States and didn’t want to wait!

It was the best decision and worth the wait. I highly recommend this pillow and hope others can learn from my trial and error approach! 

Lydia. P.


Around 3 years ago I went to my GP with severe pain in my right ear. It was diagnosed as CNH, and surgery was recommended to remove part of my ear.

This was carried out and there was an improvement for around a year before the soreness and bleeding recommenced.

As a result of trying not to sleep on that side, my left ear became almost as sore! Needless to say my quality of sleep was severely affected.

Following research I decided to make my own pillow with a hole. It didn’t really work!

I then purchased a PWAH and am pleased to report that after just a few months the improvement is quite dramatic in all respects.

Money well spent, thank you.

Paul. S.

Dear Tim,

A few years ago I started having quite a lot of ear pain when lying with my head on my pillow. This had never happened before. I did not have a new pillow or cover. I have no idea why this pain started, but it almost felt like there was suction against my ear.

Every morning I would wake up with a very painful ear. My doctors had no explanation.

I did some research and found the pillow with a hole in it. I bought one and have been using it ever since. I has worked very, very well. The pillow has given me a great deal of relief, and I no longer wake up with ear pain.

It took a bit of getting used to. I have to pull the pillow down toward my shoulder to center my ear in the hole. But overall it’s been great. I feel like the suction sensation had been affecting my hearing, which was very distressing, so I’m grateful to have resolved this issue by using this pillow.

I did have to buy some extra stuffing after while to fill in a collapsed area, but this is to be expected.

This is the only pillow I have used since I bought it, which is at least a couple of years ago now. I’m very happy with it, and I would certainly purchase it again.

The customer service has been great also, very professional, polite, and accommodating, which is becoming more and more rare these days.

That service goes a LONG way with me. Thanks for your product and for your kindness.


Hi there – I have been using a PWAH since August 2019.

PWAH has changed my life!  My ear was so so painful, inflamed and weeping with what I found after years, fits the description of CNH.  The first night I slept on my PWAH was such a relief and 3 weeks on there was no redness, soreness or open sore.  Wow! 

I only wish I had found it sooner.  I had been a few years before to a dermatology clinic with the same problem – though less problematic than this time round – and they had no suggestion at all for me really. 

If only they had heard of your fabulous pillow.

Thank you

Katie. F.


My Pillow With A Hole has been a game changer. I used to suffer from recurring ear infections, but now, especially with PHAH V2, my ears are able to breathe at night helping to keep my ears healthy.



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