Hello everyone,

It’s my pleasure to announce that we are now producing a new range of 100% cotton sateen pillowcases in a variety of colours!

We’re often asked if we could make our cases available in different colours and until now we have always shied away from doing it. Truth be told, I always thought the logistics involved would be a nightmare. To my mind, we either offered every colour or no colours at all, and besides, people buy these pillows because of a real need – not because they want something to look fancy!

But I realise now that I was wrong, and not for the first time it was because of the good advice of the women in my life.

I was wrong on two counts. First, just because people are buying these because they work really well, it doesn’t mean they can’t be fancy. Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives. And frankly, our pillows ARE fancy. They’re made in England and they’re better constructed than pretty much anything else out there, because we care about what we do. Our reputation is on the line! While everything else is made en-masse in factories in Vietnam with very little care or attention. It is just another product to them.

Secondly, I was wrong about needing to provide every single colour. This is an insight the female mind is very good at providing. It’s not a case of a providing every colour – simply a range of nice colours that people can match and coordinate with their bedding.

So we’ve chosen a selection to begin with but the selection will continuously change based on customer feedback. Ultimately, we’ll have our “signature” colours and then seasonal colours which will be released, well, seasonally.

What is cotton sateen, anyway?

The difference between cotton sateen and normal cotton is the treatment of the fibers. The fibres of cotton sateen are mercerized, meaning soaked in lye, and then in an acid. This seals the fibers, making them more durable and long lasting than untreated cotton. This process also gives the fibers a smooth, reflective surface, creating the signature sateen “sheen”.

Cotton sateen is also made from a different weave than normal cotton: It is woven in the same way as satin is. Upon inspection, cotton sateen appears to present a diagonal weave. With this, it combines the soft, smooth, luxurious feel of satin with the strength and durability of cotton.

Take care!

Tim & Judy




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