What is the best pillow stuffing? 

British Wool or Coil Fibre?



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The question of which pillow stuffing is better, British wool or coil fibre, is one that I’m often asked by new and returning customers. Previously we only offered one kind of fill, so the choice was a simple one. However, now we offer both polyester coil fibre and British wool, and these are two quite different materials.

I therefore decided to make a quick video demonstrating the merits of each. In this video you can see what each stuffing looks like, some thoughts on its composition and nature, and what would best suit you depending on your environment and preferences.

For example, our coil fibre is hypoallergenic, so is good for people with allergies, whereas our wool is especially good if you live in a humid environment, because wool is great at absorbing moisture. This keeps you and the pillow cool. Coil fibre is also similar in density to feather down while our wool is slightly more dense, so creates a slightly firmer pillow, although that can of course be adjusted by using our integrated zip.

Happily, neither stuffing off-gases like memory foam. This is the main reason we don’t use it as a fill. It tends to stink, crumble over time and it is also quite hot and sweaty. Certainly not the kind of stuffing that we’d like to associate with or offer to our customers. You deserve better!

Interesting, both of them are made in England on machines dating from 1952. They really don’t make them like they used to!

So, please watch the video for a run down of which pillow stuffing is better for you.




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