Tencel is a modal fabric whose fibers are known for feeling super soft and are widely used in high-end fashion.

Tencel fibres are produced by pulping eucalyptus wood harvested from sustainable forests, and then extruding that pulp to form fibres which can then be woven into a fabric.

This produces an environmentally friendly, sustainable and incredibly soft fabric. It is consistently rated as much softer than any form of cotton and is similar in quality to silk. Something we can certainly attest to.

Fabric made of Tencel has excellent drape and doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it is perfect for pillowcases as those wrinkles aren’t transferred to the user’s face. It’s also breathable and manages moisture so it helps with temperature regulation. It stays nice and cool on those warm summer evenings.

So Tencel has a natural origin because it’s made from wood, but the finished fiber is technically man-made. However, all fabrics are man-made to a certain degree.  The intrinsic properties of Tencel and the fact that its production process recycles the water it uses and the fact it traces the trees to sustainably-harvested forests, makes our choosing it a no-brainer.

Interestingly, Tencel fibres are biodegradable and compostable; although the quality is such that the fabric is far better put to use by being repurposed than disposed of.

All in all, Tencel is a remarkable fabric with all the qualities we are looking for. Comfort, cooling, smooth and as environmentally friendly as we, as a society, can currently produce.

Give yourself a treat and try it out today. No Pressure.


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