As you can see, we have a new blog and we’re very excited to write in it. During this period in which we find our feet, some of the content will be good, some of it will be bad and some of it will elicit no reaction whatsoever.


In this edition of Our Blog™* we will be talking about Wales, the vague promises of a British Spring and pillows – with holes in them.


The British Springtime is a curious and fickle creature. Both jaw droppingly beautiful and infuriatingly capricious, it promises to be the best of days but often delivers some of the worst. You can read the weather forecast, choose an opportune couple of days for a holiday, take the time off work and the second you set out – the heavens will open and you’ll be left shaking a soggy fist into the air.


This almost happened to us. We scanned the weather forecast for a few decent days mid-week and resolved to set out early on the chosen day. Upon waking we see that instead of glorious sunshine – there’s rain everywhere and the sky is greyer than John Major.** Undeterred and keeping the faith, we ploughed on. The route we took was from Liverpool, along the coast to near Conwy, a town famous for its huge imposing castle, along to Trwyn yr Wylfa campsite in Penmaenmawr. If you’re unsure of how to pronounce those names, you’re not alone. I half believe Welsh was invented to mess with the English.

With resolve in our hearts and rain on our windshield, we set off. As we’re driving the rain is lashing down, cars protrude a spray of mist behind them and the sun is nowhere to be seen. Yet, as we get closer to Penmaenmawr, the clouds parted. There was a brief glimmer of sun. There was hope.


Upon arriving at the campsite, the sun truly began to shine. Not only that but this large well appointed site, because of the morning’s foul weather, was completely empty. We had the run of the place!

So, we set up the tent and went for a hike. While trekking we were treated to some amazing scenes. Apart from the idyllic Shire-like countryside ala The Lord of the Rings, we were also witness to a Riviera-like coastline and a Neolithic Stone Circle at least 4,000 years old.

After the hike, happy and exhausted, we went back to the tent and cooked our food before retiring for the night on our Pillows With A Hole. Finally – I mentioned some pillows in this post.


I can tell you that they were very comfortable and actually an ideal size for camping. We didn’t take the travel version as we had a car and didn’t need to take their larger size into consideration.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.