The best ear pillow with a hole 2022

The 6 Best Ear Pillows with a Hole in 2022

What is an ear pillow?

An ear pillow is a special pillow with a hole in the middle that allows people to sleep comfortably, free from ear pain.

An ear pillow works by removing, from your ear, the friction and pressure of a regular pillow. It achieves this through the implementation of a special aperture, or hole. This hole can be any shape, but it is usually circular, oval or square.

The inclusion of an ear hole in a pillow allows the ear to rest comfortably on a cushion of air, while the head is supported by the pillow. This gives the ear breathing space and

Who needs a Pillow with a Hole (P.W.A.H)?

There are many use cases for a Pillow with a Hole.

A pillow with an ear hole helps CNH patients sleep comfortably and most importantly it gives their ear time and space in which to heal.  

An ear pillow is also integral to Otoplasty surgery. After Otoplasty surgery, or any ear surgery, a person’s ear is sore and prone to infection. Using a pillow with a hole allows the ear to heal quickly and in a correct fashion.

A PWAH is also useful if you are suffering from general ear pain or sore ears. When using a pillow with a hole, your ear will be ensconced and protected within the hole, and you won’t suffer any pain. 

People with ear piercings also greatly benefit from using an ear pillow. Ear piercings are particularly painful when they are first done, and some piercings such as “Industrial” or “Daith” piercings will remain painful to lie on for the duration.

What are the best Pillows with a Hole in 2022?

Now that you’re sold on the concept of a pillow with a hole, let’s take a look at the best options available to suit your needs. All of our pillows have stood the test of time and are made of the finest materials to the absolute highest standards in Liverpool, England.

1.     The Original Pillow with a Hole™

Our flagship pillow and still our most popular, The Original Pillow with a Hole was first designed in 2014 and has seen many changes and upgrades over the years as we have listened to user feedback and incorporated that feedback into the design.

It is a little smaller than a conventional pillow and many people like to use it atop their existing pillow at home. Yet it can also be used standalone, making it a versatile little fellow.

It measures 50 x 35 cm and has a depth of around 8cm, although the height and firmness are both alterable by the user using our high quality integrated “YKK” brand zip. Take a little stuffing out to make it softer and put it back in to make it firmer.

The pillow’s outer is made from 100% cotton and it is stuffed with hypoallergenic coil fibre, making it perfect for people with allergies, as it is completely odourless. There is also the choice of British Wool for those that prefer a natural fill.

The Original P.W.A.H® comes with a pillowcase included.

This pillow has truly stood the test of time and only gets better with age, thanks to the valuable feedback of our customers.

The best ear pillow with a hole 2022

2.     The Original Pillow with a Hole Version Two

The Original P.W.A.H® V2 is the latest and greatest in PWAH technology. It is not a replacement for The Original, it is simply an alternative, but what a fantastic alternative it has turned out to be.

Measuring 65 x 35 cm, it is a full-sized pillow that is best used standalone, although there are those that may still want to have it on top of their existing pillow, depending on their loft requirement.

The base pillow has sheer sides so that there is a greater internal volume, meaning it is softer and more supportive than pillows without such a construction. The hole is square rather than oval, which provides a little more room for manoeuvre for those with larger ears.

It of course has a YKK zip to facilitate altering the firmness, it is made from 100% cotton, and it comes with the same choice of either coil fibre of British wool fill.

Now where it gets really interesting is the pillowcase. The PWAH V2’s pillowcase is a patented design and it zips around the outside, completely encapsulating the hole. This is great from a cleaning perspective as the pillow will require far fewer washes.

The pillowcase is also made from TENCEL fabric, which is beautifully soft and silky.


This pillow really is the height of luxury and efficacy. 

A close up of the zipper of the original pillow with a hole version two.

3.     The Travel Pillow with a Hole™

The Travel PWAH is another firm favourite and is ideal for those that like to get out and about. Designed to fit into a small suitcase or overhead cabin, the Travel PWAH comes with a handy travel bag to protect it, while it protects your ears.

PWAH brand

4 & 5. The Waterproof and Wipe – Clean Pillow with a Hole™

The Waterproof PWAH comes in two flavours, either The Original P.W.A.H® or The P.W.A.H® V2. Both pillows come with their attendant pillowcases and they are constructed to the same design and specification. The crucial difference is in the base pillow’s material.

It is made from a polyurethane coated cotton, making it soft, flexible and above all – waterproof and wipe clean. This quality will be of particular interest to those that use creams or ointments, or who suffer from weeping or bleeding during the night.

If the pillow becomes soiled in any way, simply give it a spray with a detergent or cleaner or your choice, and it will be as good as new. The pillowcases are of course detachable

A waterproof pillow with a hole

6. The Doughnut Pillow with a Hole

Our latest pillow is the “DPWAH”, or Doughnut Pillow with a Hole™.

This is a simple little pillow that is a perfect starter PWAH for those new to the concept.

Like all of our pillows, it is made in England and includes a YKK zip. There is no pillowcase for this pillow, however it can be machine washed without a problem.

This is an ideal pillow for those that don’t intend to use a PWAH for long, or are on a budget. Although if you’re financially stretched and need a pillow with a hole, you can always contact us and we can work something out. We can’t sleep ourselves knowing that someone out there is in pain and we could have helped them.


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