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The Original Pillow with a Hole 

The Ideal Pillow for Ear Piercings

Hello everyone,

When I started this business nearly 10 years ago, I really had no idea just how popular our pillows would become. I knew they were good for certain ear problems, but I wasn’t aware of just how many ear problems there are out there. It has been an interesting and fulfilling journey discovering the many uses for The PWAH and hearing the feedback from our customers detailing how it has helped them. It is a true privilege to be able to earn a living whilst also providing genuine relief and comfort to so many people.

Thank you, Judy, for coming up with this idea! It takes a genuinely unique spirit to take something that has been such a standard and ubiquitous fixture of life – the pillow – and radically alter it. Such an obvious idea and yet one that nobody else had come up with. Bravo that woman.

And so it has become quite clear to me that alongside CNH relief, and I dare say its complete cure, The PWAH is also very effective for post- operative healing, tinnitus relief, sleeping with earphones, earplugs and sleeping with earbuds. But most of all, it has become an invaluable part of many people’s ear piercing aftercare.

Ear piercings such as the Industrial and Daith piercing are extremely painful and awkward to sleep on, and even if you can get to sleep, they will likely heal improperly if not taken care of. That is why many people choose to sleep with an Original PWAH so that their piercing can heal up without getting squashed and messed with during the night. It works and it really is as simple as that.

Do you run an ear piercing business?

If so, I’d love to speak with you. We are happy to supply the Original PWAH to all that need it, anywhere in the world, but we would also absolutely love to work with ear piercers so that they can facilitate their supply to their clients. 

We already have a great relationship with several ear piercers in the UK, so do get in touch and join us!


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