The Original Leg Pillow with a Hole™

Relieves pressure on the lower body and promotes spinal alignment.

The Original Leg pillow with a hole being modelled by a man

Many people that sleep on their sides not only suffer from ear pain, they also suffer from knee, lower body and back pain.

This is because when side-sleeping, complete and proper alignment is often uncomfortable, if not downright impossible.

By using a leg pillow, your body is aligned correctly and the knees are separated, reducing pressure on the whole lower body.

It is also very helpful for those suffering from sciatica as it helps to straighten out the pain-causing nerve.

While The Original Leg Pillow with a Hole™ is designed primarily for side-sleepers, everybody can benefit from it.

Whether you’re a side, front or back sleeper, if your find yourself waking up in the morning with back or lower body pain, you will find benefit in this pillow.

It is also great for pregnant women and for those that want to keep their knees separated during the night.