The Original Pillow with a Hole: 

A Helpful Companion for Sleeping with Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)

Introduction: For individuals with Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), finding the right pillow that ensures a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep can be a challenging task. The Original Pillow with a Hole presents a unique solution tailored to the specific needs of those with BAHA devices.

Challenges of Sleeping with BAHA: Traditional pillows can cause discomfort for BAHA users, as the pressure on the implant site and the external processor can lead to pain and irritation during sleep. The risk of dislodging or damaging the device further adds to the challenges of finding an appropriate sleeping position. Recognizing these issues, The Original Pillow with a Hole was specifically designed to address the concerns of BAHA users.

The Unique Design: The key feature of The Original Pillow with a Hole is, as the name suggests, the strategically placed hole in the centre of the pillow. The hole provides a secure and comfortable space for individuals with BAHA devices to rest their heads without putting undue pressure on the implant or the external processor. The pillow’s design aims to minimize contact with the device, allowing users to sleep soundly without compromising their comfort.

Benefits for BAHA Users:

Pressure Relief: The hole in the pillow eliminates direct pressure on the BAHA implant site, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain during sleep.

Stability: The contour of the pillow provides stability for the external processor, preventing it from shifting or becoming dislodged while the user is asleep.

Optimal Sleeping Position: BAHA users can comfortably sleep on their side or back without worrying about the pillow interfering with the device, thanks to the unique design.

Enhanced Sleep Quality: By addressing the specific needs of BAHA users, The Original Pillow with a Hole contributes to better sleep quality, promoting overall well-being.

Conclusion: The Original Pillow with a Hole offers a tailored solution for individuals with Bone Anchored Hearing Aids, providing a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience. As a specialized pillow designed to accommodate the unique requirements of BAHA users, it represents an invaluable addition to the daily lives of those relying on bone-conduction hearing devices. Investing in a pillow that prioritizes comfort and safety ensures that individuals with BAHA devices can enjoy restful nights without compromising on their hearing health.

  • aerial view of The Original Pillow With A Hole version two

    The Original P.W.A.H® V2

    Our newest and largest PWAH®. Based on 10 years of user feedback. Excellent for both short and long term use.

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  • pillow with a hole

    The Original P.W.A.H®

    Our longest serving and most enduringly popular design. Useful for so many things. It is truly "Your Ear's Best Friend®."

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  • A waterproof pillow with a hole version two.

    The Waterproof & Wipe Clean P.W.A.H®

    Waterproof and wipe-clean. This PWAH® is perfect for those using creams and ointments, or those who find their pillow is often in the wash.

    £45.00£70.00 Select options
  • The travel pillow with a hole encased in a pillowcase and shown from an isometric perspective. You can clearly see the zip running around the edge.

    The Original Travel P.W.A.H®

    This Original Travel P.W.A.H® is portable, durable and comes with a stylish travel bag to protect it. Fits easily into carry-on luggage.

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  • a high quality pillow that is made in England

    The Pillow Without A Hole™

    A luxurious full sized pillow. You spend over a third of your life in bed, so we spared no expense here.

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  • The original leg pillow with a hole

    The Original Leg Pillow with a Hole™

    Ideal for sciatica, back and leg pain. It reduces pressure on the lower body and promotes proper spinal alignment.

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  • The doughnut pillow with a hole aeriel view

    The Doughnut PWAH®

    The Doughnut PWAH® is compact, portable, and effective. Ideal for piercings or wearing earphones.

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  • sateen pillowcases with a hole in a variety of colours

    The Original Pillowcase with a Hole™ (Colours)

    Soft and silky and available in a variety of stunningly rich colours! These pillowcases fit The Original P.W.A.H® range of pillows.

    £30.00 Select options
  • The original PWAH version two with the pillowcase half opened.

    The Original Pillowcase with a Hole™ V2

    Additional pillowcases for the Original P.W.A.H® V2 - Made from beautifully soft 100% cotton sateen.

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