The Original Pillow With a Hole – Your Ears' Best Friend.

The Original P.W.A.H™ is a tried and tested treatment for ear pain, pressure sores and CNH.

As a fellow sufferer of ear pain, I can empathise with each and every one of you. That is why I created The Original P.W.A.H™ to treat that most painful of conditions; CNH. I know that this is the best pillow for CNH because I use it myself and it gives me great pleasure to know that it is helping so many people around the world.

What is CNH? (Or what’s this on my ear and why does it hurt so much?)

CNH, also known as chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis or winklers disease, is a kind of pressure sore. If you have CNH you will know that it is particularly painful and it doesn’t let you rest easily on your pillow. Unfortunately it can affect anyone of any age but those most prone to it are the elderly and habitual side sleepers.

Why did I develop CNH?

You develop CNH because your pillow rubs against your ear during the night. Eventually this pressure and friction causes the skin of the ear to break down and a small red patch of skin becomes evident. Over time, as pressure and friction continues to act against the ear, the tissue breaks down further and a painful lesion or pressure sore forms.

This is CNH and now you’re faced with a dilemma; continue sleeping on that ear and aggravate the condition or sleep on a different side, which is often just as difficult a task. It sounds scary but you’re not alone, and the Pillow With A Hole can help.

CNH does not usually resolve itself due to the continuing friction and pressure of your pillow against your ear. It will therefore require some form of treatment. The best treatment is to remove pressure from the ear by using one of these methods:

  • Sleeping on the opposite side/ear.
  • Altering the way in which headphones or telephones are held to the ear.
  • Using a soft CNH pillow with a hole to relieve pressure during the night.
  • Using a bespoke protective silicone splint.
  • Avoid exposure to extremes of either heat or cold.

After much testing and consideration of the feedback received, we feel justified in saying that this is the ideal CNH pillow. It will give you a great night’s sleep, free from the pain of CNH.

The most remarkable thing is that this condition, which people can suffer from for years, will resolve itself within a couple of weeks of using our pillows. This is not bluster. Remove the pressure and your body does the rest.