The Original Pillow With A Hole™ – The World's #1 Ear Piercing Pillow

An Essential Part Of Your Aftercare.

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If you’ve ever had your ears pierced you will know that depending on what kind of piercing you’ve had, sleeping on it can present a real challenge.

The healing process takes up to a month to complete and during that time your ear piercing will be sensitive and prone to infection. Not only that but some piercings are just a complete pain to sleep with no matter how long ago they healed.

Thanks to the Original Pillow with a Hole™, you can sleep easy, free from discomfort, pain or infection.

Our pillows are helping thousands of people all over the world to sleep in harmony with their piercings.

Hi PWAH People!

At our piercing studio, we often recommend our clients wear large hair clips in their hair at night to prevent themselves from rolling onto their fresh piercings while they sleep – which kinda works but it’s not very comfortable (that’s the idea!).

I myself have tried this but been miserable the whole time. I’ve also tried sleeping with a donut pillow, or a travel pillow, or sleeping in the crook of my arm – none of this works and I always wake up with a painful neck and back. I even once bought a fancy memory foam pillow and carved a hole out of it but it was not supportive or comfortable.

The PWAH has allowed my piercings to heal up beautifully while I’m still supported in the neck. I adjusted the stuffing a bit and that was super easy and now sleeping like a baby again. I’ve been recommending them to our clients and telling them that they’re worth every penny and a valuable investment for the health of their piercings, which I fully believe.

Thank you again for making and delivering such an incredible product – I’m eternally grateful!

Christina. R. – from Australia


The Original P.W.A.H’s unique design protects your ear and gives you a great night’s sleep.

It also allows you to sleep comfortably while wearing earphones, headphones or earplugs.

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