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Hydrophobic Coating.

Ideal if you use creams or ointments, or if your pillow is subject to staining of any kind.

 What is a hydrophobic coating?

When a surface is hydrophobic it means it repels water.

As you can see in the video to the right; once treated with our special hydrophobic coating, what was once a porous and water-absorbent surface becomes completely water-resistant. Watch as the liquid simply slides off, leaving no trace at all.

To achieve this we use an extremely hydrophobic, durable coating which is completely safe, non-toxic and non-irritating. It does not change the texture or quality of the fabric once applied. In fact you would have no idea your pillow was treated with it until you got it wet.

 Why do I need it?

The hydrophobic coating is recommended if you use creams or ointments, or are otherwise prone to staining your pillow. While we supply Pillowcases with a Hole, liquid can soak through and stain the pillow beneath. Having your pillow coated reduces how often you have to wash the pillow. If you do have to wash the pillow, worry not, the coating is durable and will last up to ten washes.

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