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Latest Changes to our Website and our Pillows.

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Free UK Postage and Cheaper Worldwide Postage!

Because we now get better rates from the Royal Mail, we are very pleased to announce that we can offer free UK postage. We are also able to offer reduced worldwide postage, with shipping to the USA coming in at just $5 USD. Canada is $10 CAD. This is a 50% reduction in price.


We are happy to pass this saving on to our customers.

Changes to the design of our pillows.

We have always taken customer feedback seriously and have developed our pillows in response to this feedback. This has taken the form of various significant changes over the years. One of the most significant and welcome changes was the inclusion of a zip. Our customers come from all over the world, come in all shapes and sizes and use our pillows to treat a variety of conditions. It is not reasonable to expect all of our customs to share the same preference when it comes to firmness.


Because we don’t use foam, we were able to include a handy zip along the side of the pillow. This allows our customers to add or remove stuffing to suit their needs. If a little stuffing is removed, the pillow will be less firm and will have less loft. The process takes around 15 minutes and doesn’t void your right to return the pillow. Instructions are included in the package.


Another significant new change is the shape of the hole. Some time ago we changed the construction of it from essentially ‘flat’ to what we call ‘boxy’. This was a huge leap forward for us and our customers. Now, we have made yet another great stride and have made the hole circular. This removes pressure from the edges of the hole, thus alleviating any discomfort on the face. Our pillowcases match this new form factor.

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Here we can see the first stage in the evolution of the Original P.W.A.H. You can see that the hole is essentially flat and comes to a point. This had the advantage of proving a space under which you could tuck your ear, and there was good airflow, but we found that on balance and after much feedback, an alternative method of construction was desirable.

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The change here is more subtle. The hole is no longer square and is instead more circular. This is the current iteration of our pillows and is extremely effective.

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Here we can see the second stage in the hole’s evolution. You will notice a significant difference. The hole no longer pinches to a point and there is no seam around the inner. The construction is box-like, as we call it. This gives greater loft and support and fully ensconces the ear. We were very happy with this improvement and our customers were too.

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Changes to the website:

There have been various small changes to the website which should speed it up for our international customers. We will also release brand new images of our pillows next week. These will reflect the new look of the pillows. Although don’t worry, the current images are almost exactly the same. You will get what you see – only better!



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