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Independent Reviews by Feefo.

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As you may have seen from our testimonials page, we have had tonnes of great feedback over the years. Knowing we’re helping so many people is my favourite aspect of running this business. From conversations I have had over email and over the telephone it is no exaggeration to say we are changing lives with these little pillows. By the same token, certainly the hardest part of the job, apart from thinking of things to write about on this blog, is knowing there are some people we haven’t been able to help. While this is a small minority of people, it makes it no less difficult to come to terms with.


People use our pillows for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes its because they have had a difficult piercing and are having trouble sleeping on it.  Other times they have had ear surgery and need to give their ear time to heal, free from the pressure of their regular pillow. Some people simply want to be able to use ear phones or earplugs in bed.


However, the vast majority of our customers are elderly and suffer from a condition known as CNH. For those unfamailar with CNH, well, consider yourselves lucky. It is a painful ear pressure sore which stops people from sleeping  – sometimes for many months. I have spoken to some people that have had CNH for years and have resorted to sleeping sat on a chair. An 80 year old lady sleeping sat upright on a chair because she has a pressure sore and her doctor hasn’t been able to treat it. Not on my watch!


So, when a customer is successful with our pillows, they may send us a message telling us so, and those messages are displayed on our testimonials page. But how can you, a new customer, trust those testimonials? We have complete control over the content of that page and could certainly make those testimonials up. We don’t, but we could. Therefore, in the interest of transparency, we are soon to implement independent reviews by Feefo.


Feefo collects reviews from our customers on our behalf and we have no control over their content, whether positive or negative. So, if you see a Feefo review, you know you can trust it.


These reviews will be live on our website next week, so keep an eye out for them and if you enjoyed our pillows, please consider giving us a review.


Thanks for reading!





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