Two CNH pillows with ear holes

The Original Pillow with a Hole™

Your Ear's Best Friend®

The Original P.W.A.H® is a uniquely designed ear pillow that removes all pressure from your ear.  

It provides a comfortable, peaceful and pain-free night’s sleep, whether you’re healing a pressure sore, new piercings, or sleeping with earphones or earplugs. It can even help certain types of tinnitus. 

Our pillows were borne from personal experience and for over 15 years they have been made entirely in England. 

We truly hope you find as much relief in them as we have. 

Click below and find out why our pillows are changing the lives of people all around the world.

Why choose The Original Pillow with a Hole? 

Made entirely in England

We have over 15 years of experience making these pillows. 

We make them all by hand, to order, right here in Liverpool, England.  

The P.W.A.H is completely customisable with an adjustable firmness and height.

We make super-soft and luxurious pillowcases.

Our pillows are also hypoallergenic, so are perfect for people with allergies.  No memory foam here – our coil fibre is made by a family run company in Yorkshire, on machines dating back to 1952. 

Always innovating – never imitating. If you need a PWAH®, you can’t do better. 

"Your Ear's Best Friend®"

The Original P.W.A.H®’s unique design enables your ear to stay cool, comfortable and protected throughout the night. 

This is important for so many reasons. For those that have tried them, they have proven to be life-changing, as our reviews will show. 

We believe that sleeping on quality makes for quality sleep, so try a pillow out, risk free, to see why thousands of people consider it to be their ears best friend. 

What our customers are saying

Hi Judy,

I had a sore on the top of my ear for three years, told to use Hydrocortisone cream by GP with little effect, have been using one of your pillows for about six weeks now and the sore has healed beautifully. Thank you. It’s a simple but marvellous invention!

Shirley. R


I received my pillow 2 days ago and already it has changed my life. For years now I’ve put off doing anything about my sleepless nights because no one seemed to know what my problem was and I cant believe I didn’t come across this sooner. The pillow is the best money I’ve spent in a long time. I’ve only had it 2 nights and for the first time since i can remember, I’ve slept all the way through the night and felt so refreshed the next morning with no constant nagging ear pain through out the day either. Thank you so much, you’ve literally saved me!!

Lewis. H.

Hi Tim.

Your pillow has worked miracles! My mom has been sleeping on her “pillow-with-a-hole” for a few weeks and her ear that has had an open sore for over one year is almost completely healed. Thank you so much!

P.S. The pillow and pillow case are beautifully sewn from lovely soft fabric (very comfy).


The Original Pillow with a Hole™ was created by us based on our own experience of constant night-time pain and discomfort. 

We know what it is to suffer from from lack of sleep due to ear pain. We use these pillows and we know what we want from them. We also know what you want from them because we have listened to our customers over the last 15 years and have put many suggestions into practice. These pillows are a collaborative effort. 

You probably know exactly why you’re here today, but here are a few examples of some other popular use-cases for inspiration:


Please take a look at our testimonials to read about the many profound successes and improvements enjoyed by our customers.

The Original P.W.A.H® comes with a refund guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, return it to us within 14 days of receipt, in any condition, and we will refund you.

(But we’re sure you’ll love it)