The Original Pillow With a Hole – Your Ears' Best Friend.

The Original Pillow With A Hole

Your Ear's Best Friend

Hand made in England, The Original P.W.A.H™'s patented design provides effective relief from chronic ear pain, pressure sores and CNH.

Our pillows also promote faster healing after surgery and ear piercings.

Recommended by hospitals across the United Kingdom; we are proud to say that our pillows are helping thousands of people all over the world.

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Why a pillow with a hole?

tried and tested treatment for ear pain

Effective treatment.

The Original P.W.A.H™ is a tried and tested treatment for ear pain, pressure sores and CNH.

CNH typically resolves within two weeks of using our pillows.

The Pillow With A Hole for Post Surgery Healing

Post surgery healing.

The Original P.W.A.H™ is designed not only to ease pain and treat pressure sores, but to speed up recovery after surgery.

hand made by Judy

Hand made in England.

All of our pillows are made with care by Judy and a collective of lovely local ladies, right here in Macclesfield, England.

The Original P.W.A.H™ effectively treats pressure sores, chronic ear pain, CNH and other related conditions.

A great accompaniment to your Pillow With A Hole. It extends its life and provides for easy cleaning.

I created the The Original P.W.A.H™ to help people who, like me, are unable to get a good night’s sleep due to ear pain


My name is Judy and I created the The Original P.W.A.H™ to help people who, like me, are unable to get a good night’s sleep due to ear pain. We are based in England but we are proud to say that the Pillow With A Hole is now helping people all around the world.

I know with confidence that my pillows work because I’ve designed, made and currently use the Pillow With A Hole myself, and as a fellow sufferer of ear pain I can empathise with each and every one of you.

The Original P.W.A.H™ has been successful in alleviating ear pain resulting from a number of conditions and has had great success in healing otherwise stubborn and hard to treat pressure sores.

It is extremely gratifying to have many grateful customers sending thank you notes.

Wishing all my existing customers and customers to be, a peaceful nights sleep.

Judy x

What our customers are saying

Hi Judy,

I had a sore on the top of my ear for three years, told to use Hydrocortisone cream by GP with little effect, have been using one of your pillows for about six weeks now and the sore has healed beautifully. Thank you. It’s a simple but marvellous invention!

Shirley. R


I received my pillow 2 days ago and already it has changed my life. For years now I’ve put off doing anything about my sleepless nights because no one seemed to know what my problem was and I cant believe I didn’t come across this sooner. The pillow is the best money I’ve spent in a long time. I’ve only had it 2 nights and for the first time since i can remember, I’ve slept all the way through the night and felt so refreshed the next morning with no constant nagging ear pain through out the day either. Thank you so much, you’ve literally saved me!!

Lewis. H.

Hi Judith.

Your pillow has worked miracles! My mom has been sleeping on her “pillow-with-a-hole” for a few weeks and her ear that has had an open sore for over one year is almost completely healed. Thank you so much!

P.S. The pillow and pillow case are beautifully sewn from lovely soft fabric (very comfy).


Hi Tim.

Just to let you know mother is over the moon with the pillow. She had a big op on one of her ears and had weeks of not sleeping until last night when she used the pillow. She could not believe it. No pain. She is 92 years of age. She said it should be called ‘the magic pillow’.

Anne S.

The Original P.W.A.H™ comes with a full refund guarantee. If you find that our pillows are not for you, simply mail the pillow back to us with the seal unbroken and we will refund the full cost of the pillow.

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The Original P.W.A.H™, by removing pressure from the ear, effectively treats pressure sores, CNH and ear pain

The Original Pillow With A Hole was invented by Judy based on her own experience of chronic ear pain. She knows what it is to suffer nightly from lack of sleep and terrible pain, and so she created a solution. And what an effective solution it turned out to be.

Recommended by doctors across the UK and a supplier to our National Health Service, The Original P.W.A.H™, by removing the source of pressure and friction from the ear, is able to cure long-term conditions such as pressure sores, CNH and chronic ear pain.

Please take a look at our testimonials to read about other customers’ positive experiences.

All of our pillows are made to order. Furthermore; they are and always will be made by hand in England.

Perfect for side sleepers with sore ears, The Original P.W.A.H™ treats ear pain and allows pressure sores to heal. It also promotes faster healing after surgery.

The Pillowcase With A Hole extends the life of your Pillow With A Hole, allows for easy cleaning and makes for an even more comfortable night’s sleep.